No Subscriptions for Existing Members for 2015/2016

We have had a number of comments from members, expressing their approval of the decision not to ask for payment of subscriptions for the coming year for existing (pre-Jan 2015) members.

We try to run a varied programme for our members. Sometimes events are very popular and we can take two 53-seater coaches to a particular production. Others are less so and we may have to cancel an advertised event due to lack of interest. The Committee's role is to try to find the right balance between very popular shows/concerts and those that may be less popular but which guarantee variety,so that something will apppeal to as many of our members as possible, at some time throughout the year.

This means that we may make a loss on some events and a gain on others. Every year is different. Due to the careful stewardship of our funds by Ken Postgate, our Treasurer, we have reached a position this year whereby he feels it possible to provide a "free" year's membership FOR THIS YEAR ONLY, without putting the Group's financial viability at risk.

It has been very gratifying to hear that members appreciate this move.

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