Day Trip to Stratford / Bargain Ticket to Of Mice & Men

UPDATE 6pm 4th March: Ticket for Of Mice and Men has been sold.

Of the two theatre events we sent out last week, one of them is already fully booked, so please don’t send in any more applications for CHICAGO, as we’ll only have to return your cheque and you’ll have wasted two stamps!

There are still tickets available for KING LEAR however – only £20 each and the booking form can be downloaded here. The closing date is Wednesday, 16th March.

As an alternative, if you’d like to go to Stratford for the day but you’re not keen on The Bard, why not book just for the coach trip? We can still expect some nice weather in mid-September and there is so much to do in Stratford, where you’ll be dropped off right in the centre of town. If you fancy a day trip out, tickets for the coach there and back are only £10 for members and non-members alike. Just complete and return the coach-only booking form, which you can download here.

Last but not least: one of our members has had to return her ticket to the production of Of Mice and Men which is next Wednesday, 9th March at 2.30pm in Wolverhampton, so we’re offering it at the bargain discounted rate of just £15 for the theatre and coach together. If you’d be interested in this, please ring Jackie Banfield on 01694 723 402.

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