Update at 4 pm on 12/5/18. All tickets now sold. Just six tickets left for "A Christmas Car

Update at 4 pm on 12/5/18: All Tickets Now Sold

With 10 days still left until the closing date, tickets for the RSC's performance of "A Christmas Carol" (on Thursday, 13th December at 1.15 pm) have been selling fast and there are now just 6 tickets left. The performance is at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford and costs £45 for members (£47 for non-members). As it's winter, we'll be setting off a little later than normal: 10.00 am from All Stretton, with the usual 10 minute intervals for the other pick-up points.

If you'd like to reserve a ticket, please contact Janet Ward on 01694 725571 or email us at strettontc@gmail.com and then complete and return the booking form - click here for the form.

Have a look at this video trailer to see what's in store:

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