Tickets Booked For Les Misérables - 2019

The lines opened today for Group Bookings for Les Misérables at Birmingham Hippodrome.

The booking system crashed as soon as lines were opened and online bookings ceased as people tried to get seats. Booking had already opened some weeks ago at the Manchester Palace Theatre and the best seats sold out rapidly for matinées. Hence, those who were disappointed there, were trying to get seats in Birmingham.

We are therefore very pleased to have managed to reserve enough good seats for the matinée performance on Wednesday, 10th April 2019 at 2 pm. Unusually, we decided to reserve the best seats with no group discount, as we decided that the reduction did not warrant having to sit at the back of the circle, as even with a discount, those seats were still expensive. Tickets including coach and driver's gratuity will cost £68.

Janet Martin is the Booking Secretary for this show so many thanks to her for her perseverance.

We expect to send out the Booking Forms at the end of July.

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